EVERYDAYS02 ~february~


it's The Lick but in the style of DoDonPachi DaiOuJou's results screen. not technically an everyday, but i made it yesterday and love it far too much to not include it.
ultra heavy 2a03 business - i'm actually surprised at how punchy and intense this sounds on real hardware!
was not feeling anything at all this day so i just had to record *something*. volca kick running through the chase bliss mood and dwarfcraft grazer. some sounds here are worth sampling.
oldskool impulse tracker stuff. no fx, just 8 channels and fun impulse tracker instrument tricks.
didn't have my computer fully ready to go this day so i got back to learning my way around korg gadget on ipad. what a great tool!
suuuuuper happy with this one. harsh noise soundbed w/ deep synth pad and mellotron string samples. moody and uneasy with many NIN cadences.
the sun set a little later today. thank goodness.
some vollenweider-esque stuff going on here - his work is early in my list of musical memories. this is synth1 only.
korg gadget and the behringer td3 put through some pedals, especially the dwarfcraft grazer and chase bliss mood for some wonky glitched-out infectious energy.
kalimba and melodica through the pedal rig. would like to explore these ideas more.
mixer feedback + pedal rig only. teasing out the melodic extremes of the setup, attempting to provide both backing and lead through only one pedal chain. love this one.
noise techno w/ the volca keys, volca kick, and behringer td3 put through the pedals and mixer for feedback. nasty nasty.
protracker house business. named for inner city, of course. not a *total* ripoff of good life!
hold your head up high, carry on, and don't forget to love
this is a sine wave put through one instance of guitar rig with no external automation/sequencing. there's some arrangement done after the fact but most of the track is untouched.
same as above, but a different guitar rig patch.
kalimba, korg volca kick & keys, pedalboard. there's a cool vibe here, especially with the soft mutating speedcore-tempo kick against the rest of the sound bed.
as with one of last month's everydays, korg gadget recorded to tape loops, then out to the pedalboard. this one stands out as being very unlike me somehow. just one of those situations where you automatically make very different decisions.
an arrangement of the deuteronomy track. i really wanted to capture the instability of the original tape loops and i needed the VRC6 mapper to cover all my bases. its sawtooth and pulses really capture the sound of the original.
goldwave, a recording of some rain, and nothing else - no plugins, only destructive editing. i love doing sound design from scratch in goldwave and this is one of the most musical results i've had.
it feels like i made this forever ago, but it was just 4 days back at the time of this album release. this piece must have the ability to distort time, or at least it feels like it - you hit play, space out, and it's over like it never even began.
some much-needed encouraging 2a03 vibes. stepping up my instrument sequencing with this one... by the way, i still don't "get" famitracker! i use s3m2nsf, so the luxury of instrument settings isn't available to me, but i love the freedom of every note being handled differently.
i didn't want to spend my entire day nudging around tiny details, so this is short! but it was fun while it lasted!
i tried to make three other tunes that simply were not working out before i said "ok, whatever!" and crapped out this 2011-era tune. hey, maybe it would be a good fit for a rockman hack!


NOTE: "lyrics" fields contain little blurbs about each track.

be sure to read the intro to the EVERYDAYS project on the january upload if you haven't! you can find it here: lapfox.bandcamp.com/album/everydays-january

i'm super happy with a bunch of this month's entries, but of particular note is just how much famicom chipmusic there is - i wasn't expecting this project to end up being a Kitsune² revival in disguise! but i can't complain, what's here is my best chipmusic work ever.

as mentioned last time, thanks for checking this out. it's great to be able to not sweat the details as much as i do with more 'complete' work.

you can find some "goodies" (tracker files, NSFs, VST patches, etc) from the everydays project here: heckscaper.com/everydays/goodies/


released February 29, 2020

• All tracks safe for stream & video use


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HALLEY LABS Hamilton, Ontario

merely a receiver for the world's will. i create what i must.

HALLEY LABS is only one person, so between it, non-label projects, and social anxiety i can be rather busy or taciturn. as such, it may take me a bit to return emails, as i get many.

thanks so much, and lots of love ♥

NOTICE: i am not and will not ever be on spotify. anything on there is unauthorized uploads.
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