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EVERYDAYS01 ~january~


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halcyonesselion thumbnail
halcyonesselion I put this on at work last night to help me focus and suddenly it was midnight and I'd been listening to chrysalis on loop for nearly three hours. I can't stop. In other news, I can spell chrysalis now :> Favorite track: chrysalis.
SmugWolf thumbnail
SmugWolf A relatively chill album :)
Zone 0 is one of my favorite ambient tracks. Chrysalis and cosmic stink are nice ones too! Favorite track: moon physics.
Alscenic thumbnail
Alscenic NEW LAPFOX EVERY MONTH MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE Favorite track: jorts as a storage solution.
MelodyNosurname thumbnail
MelodyNosurname its amazing what you can do in the matter of a few hours. make sure not to overwork yourself <3 Favorite track: cosmic stink.
this was the tune that finally got this project underway. it just felt right to start after i sketched this one out.
i really dug what was going on with that piece so i wanted to (at least partially) convert it to a famicom tune. i forgot how much i enjoyed working within these limits.
after getting my new famicom everdrive i was chomping at the bit (heh) to do more 2a03 chipmusic. i'm pretty happy with this one, especially the DPCM use. pretty set on staying away from the VRC6 mapper unless experimenting with it explicitly.
jammed out the mark one piano line at random and absolutely had to build on it. very Darius, if a bit quirkier. i really like the synth1 "male choir" type patch going on towards the loop point in this one.
some synth improv - this uses the korg ebina gadget run through my pedalboard. really a match made in heaven.
exploring the hexany 1-3-5-7 scale a bit. really otherworldly stuff. very happy with the bizarre sound design going on.
just some breakbeat rave fun.
synth & pedalboard. pretty standard sound here, just getting my bearings again.
poppy korg volca stuff. as a result, it's very RQ laji-2.
oh... a new face! i wonder...
korg gadget recorded to tape loops, then out to the pedalboard. i love this one.
the 2a03 itch quickly returned and i had to push my knowledge further! more extensive DPCM and noise channel use here.
guitar + pedalboard. i'm really happy with the "birds" here, done with looper/granular pedals and fret noises.
melodica + toy piano + voice + pedalboard. really enjoying this electroacoustic sound mix in particular.
goa aceeeeed. really enjoying the behringer td3 but not a fan of its onboard distortion, so i'm using an external tube drive. korg volca on the bass+chord leads, korg gadget controlling all of it via midi from ipad. love this setup.


NOTE: "lyrics" fields contain little blurbs about each track.

at the start of the year i had a major self-inflicted mental and physical health scare that led to me staying with a friend briefly to recover and get my bearings on reality. on january 18th i returned home, and on january 19th i decided to finally, after years of putting it off, start an "everydays" project (inspired in particular by the visual artist beeple) in an effort to just do something - anything - with my time left on this planet.

it was a pretty tall order to go from my slow, unsure output to having to release something once every wake cycle regardless of how it turns out - or at least, i thought it would be. the momentum quickly started to carry me and had me creating more than i have in years. even with the everydays happening i've been working on other projects, musical and otherwise.

the first month saw a pretty wide spread of stuff, some fairly typical, some not so much. i also wound up getting back on the chipmusic stuff through this (on real famicom hardware this time!) which really got me thinking melodically again. on the flipside, there's also a lot of ambient exploration and new hardware noodling (i set myself up a 'studio' room for the first time in my life once i returned home).

thanks for checking this out. it's kinda like a daily diary in a sense, and i'm really happy to be able to share it with you. it's really relieving to be so upfront with work like this and to be able to not sweat the details so much.

you can find some "goodies" (tracker files, NSFs, VST patches, etc) from the everydays project here: heckscaper.com/everydays/goodies/


released February 1, 2020

• All tracks safe for stream & video use

please reference the HALLEY RESOURCES LICENSE located @ heckscaper.com/resources/ - this license applies to use of full pieces of music as well.


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HALLEY LABS Hamilton, Ontario

merely a receiver for the world's will. i create what i must.

MUSIC USE LICENSE: heckscaper.com/resources/

HALLEY LABS is only one person, so between it, non-label projects, illness, and anxiety, it may take me a bit to return emails, as i get many.

thanks so much, and lots of love ♥

NOTE: i am not and will not ever be on spotify. anything on there is unauthorized uploads.
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