Shipping and return policies for HALLEY LABS

Shipping Info
all items ship out via Canada Post. typically i send out a couple shipments every week. 1-2 weeks within Canada, 2-4 weeks to the US, and 3-6 weeks worldwide.

[update august 2020] PLEASE NOTE that in general mail is backlogged globally, especially mail entering the US from out of country. i ship from canada. it may take several weeks for your package to arrive. i sadly cannot offer tracking as i can only offer one shipping tier per destination on bandcamp.
Return Policy
returns not accepted.

regarding damage or losses, i cannot be held responsible for damage or losses caused during transit. once something is in the post, it is up to the will of the world to see its arrival through.

i may, in rare cases, be able to provide a replacement for a lost order (8+ weeks and no sign of the package) at a discount or cost of shipping, but i don't usually have spare stock to do so with.