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by The Queenstons

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Johan "Wolfie" Meyer
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Johan "Wolfie" Meyer Figurehead was to me, back in 2011 or possibly even earlier, one of those soundtracks of my life that will always remain in my memory at time that I found myself taking on new chapters in my life, facing the new unknown so to speak, discovering many aspects of myself as a young adult.

The electronic soundscapes and themes are magical and despite the energetic DnB type beats, provides a nice atmospheric feel to it, it feels dreamy and emotional. Favorite track: Figurehead.
eldritchcanine thumbnail
eldritchcanine I honestly don't know how to write reviews here but this album really means a lot to me. It's gotten me through some very difficult times and honestly saved my life. Favorite track: The Story.
SmugWolf thumbnail
SmugWolf An album I have waited far too long to listen to. The Answer sounds similar to the Sonic Generations 3DS boss Big Arm. I Control and The Story are 2 of my other favorites! A great album that should definitely be listened to in full. Favorite track: Going Back (feat. June LaLonde).
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Figurehead 04:30
does it tear you apart does it rend you limb from limb does it make you wonder what it's like not to lose but to win and you go and you cry and you scream at the top of your lungs dodging bullets fired from burning guns and you run and leap and you hold your arms out trying to fly soaring through the clouds soaring through the highest highs forever still and unbending and unbreaking you are the figurehead, your life the waves forever caught in the wind and the sleet and the rain you will stay the course 'till the break of day
I Control 03:24
hey operator up on the screen can you flick the switch to change the scene hey operator up on the screen can you manifest the power to make me scream hey dominator you're in control hey dominator i'll do what i'm told hey dominator up at the top hey dominator call the shot i control
The Answer 03:41
in the eye of the storm a broken heart is healing till the storm picks up again ignore the feeling of being torn in two, of being ripped apart of being put aside and put back at the start if what it is is what it isn't inside me i don't wanna be a part of what you wanna see if what it is is what it isn't inside me i don't wanna be controlled by a fantasy
Humanoid 03:44
'cause i feel like i got to escape this place go somewhere else with a different name, different face 'cause i feel like i got to get up and go go somewhere, but where, i don't know when this feeling is all i can feel at any given time i know it's time i know it's time i'm a humanoid in an artificial life emotions crafted along with my super-sight i only understand that which i'm programmed if i crash i'll get back up with my super-hands i'm a humanoid in this biosphere i can hear everything with my super-ears only feel the way that i'm programmed and most of the time that's not to give a damn
Quiet Man 04:32
you may have seen me along the way i am the quiet man, i'm quiet every day i've got a story that i dare not speak passersby feeling weak sit the fall and through the spring and the summer on this bench in the park i try to stay inside, away in the winter the evenings are too dark have a seat by my side, i'm the quiet man i won't talk, i won't tell tell me what's been on your mind, let me take your hand let me know, i'm the wishing well
Commuting 03:16
hit the ground runnin' keep your head high no one can stop us one step at a time so much potential so much to give just open your eyes and take what's yours one life to live, one life to waste one chance to make the most of everything you have one life to give, one life to waste a glorious dawn awaits for those who take the chance
Koan 04:00
all of the colours locked away come out and saturate the gray
the idea of making everything perfect appealing, so much trouble, never worth it the idea of making everything right keeps me up thinking late at night a cracked window distorts the image but no worse than it was when it was fogged a simple change is all it takes to see things a little differently after all
i've become everything that i never wanted to be
Break Away 04:00
and i'll fall could you grab my hand and hold me above this hole i dug i stare up at the sun and the clouds as you pull and tug i'm shaking and i'm burning from the heat below i swear i hear it calling i just have to let go
becoming something different as time goes on the sun creates a blast of light then it's gone we all felt full of potential and full of life but it was taken away by a so-called holy light who are you to take it from me who are you to steal who are you to take from the free who are you to change what's real we're going back to where we were screaming loud enough to shatter the earth we're going back to where it was don't need a reason, just going because you'll shut it down try to block out the sound you'll be deafened by the yells of a thousand of our hells
The Story 03:22


released April 16, 2010

all music written and produced by The Queenstons
"one life" lyrics written and performed by junelalonde.bandcamp.com
"going back" vocals performed by junelalonde.bandcamp.com
design by emma essex
promo video by 3nonetwo.com

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